Who are Natures Line..

Our Vision

Natures Line's vision is to make it easy for you to find beautifully-created, ethically made skincare, carefully curated from incredible companies who make a positive impact in our world.

What is Natures Line’s approach to skin care?

We sell brands that can say “yes!” to three questions:

  • Do the products work?
  • Are they natural?
  • Does their production leave the world a better place?

We are the UK distributor for our ranges, so you know that when you turn to us for advice, you will be getting the best available in this country.

Caring for your skin is a life-long labour of love, and using these effective, natural products brings harmony to your own natural beauty, inside and out.

These truly are the products your skin would choose.

Who and where are we?

We are a family business with a combined 20 years pioneering experience of natural skincare and selling organic biodynamic products. We believe in a sustainable lifestyle for our planet. We are passionate about it.

We are based on the beautiful Rush Farm in rural Worcestershire, passionate about sustainable farming (organic and biodynamic) and fair-trade relationships. We want it to be that a product will not harm the planet or people, every time a product is used, it causes another to be made.  This means that if a product is kind to the planet, consuming it is a positive action.

Our mission is to change the world for the better, one face cream at a time!